Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Homeroom Kids

These are my home room kids. They're all about five but sometimes I forget they're so young because they are so smart. I'm really gonna miss them. 

Alan: The biggest of all the kids- Kind of a bully but deep down he's a softy. Some of the teachers don't like having Alan in class because he's a little punk but I have a major soft spot for him. 
Wendy: Sometimes she's an airhead but she is a sweetheart. This girl's got moves too.. she's such a little diva, and a model. I swear she's gonna be famous. 
Tatum: My favorite. He's the perfect student. He progressed so much during the semester with the language and for the most part he always listens and does what I tell him to. Angel child. 
Sara: She's a little stinker. She thinks it's hilarious to smack my butt so she does it all the time..and she likes to do they opposite of what I tell her to do because she thinks its funny. 
And the adopted children since Brighton went home with a kidney stone:

Jill: Sooo cute but she thinks she can get always get her way by crying and talking in her little whiny voice. When she's happy she's a freakin doll though. 
Michael: So smart but a pain in my rear. No joke. If he feels like being good for the day though then he's a pleasure to have in class because he knows a lot of english. 

At the end of the day, no matter how frustrated I got with any of the 32 kids that we rotate, I can't help but love each and everyone of them. When we tuck them in at night on occasion, I forget all about what a pain they were in class and I just love them to death. We tucked them in tonight and I almost started crying thinking about the fact that tomorrow night will be the last time I ever see them.. 


amber.nick said...

Merry Christmas. I'm glad your home. Love you